Avoid Banging Your Car Against The Garage Wall With A Pool Noodle

Are you tired of subjecting your car to dings and dents as a result of attempting to squeeze it into your garage?

Place the noodle on a hard surface and cut it in half. Determine the garage's most vulnerable points - one area that seems to get the most dinged is usually where car doors are typically opened and closed.

Determine the exact height of your car door with a tape measure. Keep in mind that SUV doors are significantly higher than sedan doors.

Mark the area where the pool noodle will be installed. Draw a straight line with your measuring tape and pencil to indicate the location of the pool noodle.

Before making the position permanent, have an assistant hold the noodle in place and test it out. To ensure you're on track, open and close your car doors in the area.

Attach the noodle to the wall. Apply plenty of glue to the back of the pool noodle and stick it to the target wall.

Hold for up to 10 minutes, or until the glue is firmly attached to the noodle and the wall. You may want to tape it down for extra security due to the foamy texture.