Car Hack: Buy a plug-in seat warmer this winter

Keep warm this winter with this handy device!

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With winter just around the corner, why not purchase a plug-in seat warmer to help thaw you out and warm you and your car up while you drive.


Heated car seats not only make your car riding experience more comfortable during cold days but also are more essential than you would have thought. The tension that ice-cold car seats can bring to the body can be overwhelming, and that tense sensation can aggravate specific back problems.


Luckily these days, products such as heated car seat covers exist. If you cannot afford a luxury vehicle with heated seats, you can now buy a heated car seat cover that will provide you with virtually the same effect.


Most heated car seat covers for cars work via a 12V power source, typically plugged into the cigarette lighter or auxiliary power output in your car. In most seat warmers, electric wiring or coils run through the thin, padded cushion and heat up, the same way an electric blanket provides warmth.


Always remember to ensure your seat warmer is turned off when you are not in your vehicle. If possible, look for a seat warmer with either a timer function or an auto shut-off setting.