Car Hack: Give your car a fresh smell with a wooden clothes peg

Try this nifty hack for a fresher smelling car!

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Having a nice fresh scented and aromatic smell in your car is always nice.

Often the bought car air fresheners can smell too strong or fake or can even have a chemical smell.


Surprisingly, there is a much less expensive and much healthier solution!


This is how to make your own DIY car scent:

You can make clothes peg air freshener in a few minutes!

1. Simply take wooden clothes peg and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

2. Rub the oil onto the clothes peg and let it soak into the wood.

3. When you are done, simply clip the clothes peg onto the vent in your car.  

Tip: When the smell begins to fade, simply drop or rub more oil onto the clothes peg.


A clothes peg air freshener is easily one of the best, healthiest and most cost-effective ways to make your car smell great!