Car Hack: Roller towel to the rescue!

Use this everyday item to make your ‘everyday’ better

car hack
roller towel
paper towel

Here is a tip every parent will thank us for! Whether you are on a long journey or just on your daily school and activity runs - it is always handy to have paper towel available in your car!


Perhaps your child (or you)  has spilled something, or your windscreen is grimy on the inside. Having paper towel on the ready  to soak up the spill or wipe away the grime, will save the day. However where is a good place to keep it?


Here is a great tip: Attach a roll of paper towel to the inside of your car boot lid with a short bungee cord. This way you will know exactly where to find it  - the paper towel will be handy but will not take up space and it won’t get messed up rolling around your car.


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