Car Hack: Tong that ticket!

Kitchen tongs come in handy for convenience and safety

Sheryl Thiel
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COVID-19 safety
Corona safety

Parked a little far from the ticket dispenser at the entrance to the car park at the mall? Come on – we have all done it! 


You drive in, totally misjudging the distance and realise you are just not going to reach that ticket. One can attempt reversing and coming in for a second – closer attempt – but that is usually not an option.  Another idea is to unbuckle your seat belt and try hanging further out the window.


Sometimes you will get lucky and that works  (phew – that means you did not park too far away). Most times, however, the gap is just too wide, and the only option is to open the door and put one leg out the car in order to  stretch across and grab that ticket – all the while hoping no one behind you starts impatiently hooting!


Do not worry – that never has to get you anxious again! A nifty little trick is to keep  kitchen tongs handy in your car for the next time your arms are too short. Use the tongs as an extension of your arm and grab that ticket. 


Tip: This has an added COVID-19 precaution advantage as well, in that you do not need to touch the dispenser. Use the tongs to press the button and then sanitise your tongs.


You can even find  these life-saving tongs with stylish silicon tips in various colours. Not only does the silicon tip have a great grip – but you can also have a stylish colour to match your car.  Let your friends in on this little nifty hack too!


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