Keep A Portable Jump Starter On Hand For Car Troubles

Being stranded in a dark parking lot or on the side of the road can be terrifying

Portable battery jump starters come with USB connections to charge all of your devices in addition to jump-starting a dead battery, which is useful for emergencies and keeping the kids entertained. Some even have built-in air compressors to fill tyres that are low on air.

Here are how to use a plug-in battery charger to charge a vehicle:

  • Always start by reading the owner's manual and the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Turn off the car.
  • Ensure that the battery charger is turned off and unplugged.
  • Connect the positive terminal to the red clamp.
  • Connect a grounded metal, such as the car's frame or engine block, to the black clamp.
  • Connect the charger to an outlet once both clamps are connected.
  • Turn on the vehicle battery charger that is plugged in.
  • The battery will begin to charge. Leave the charger plugged in overnight.
  • Turn off the charger in the morning.
  • Check to see if the car works.
  • If the car still won't start, the battery may need to be replaced.
  • Make sure your battery is not being charged at an excessively fast rate. If the battery is overheating, stop charging until it has cooled down.
  • Take extra precautions to ensure that the jumper cables are connected to the correct locations! Electrocution and battery explosions are possible. Positive = red Negative = black.