Pipe Insulation to Prevent Losing Stuff

It happens to all of us! As we get into our car, we drop our keys, cell phone or coins… and as luck would have it the item falls in the gap between the driver’s seat and the console in your car.

It is almost impossible to retrieve the items dropped in that space because the gap is so small, and a hand often doesn’t fit. We usually end up having to get quite creative in order to get these goodies out. From sliding the seat far back, using a piece of wire, getting on our knees outside our driver door and trying to peer under the seats -these are all very inconvenient.

To illuminate this frustration here is a great solution! Cut pieces of foam pipe insulation to the length of the gaps, and then wedge them in the gaps on either side of the console. This will close up the gaps and prevent things from falling down into those  irretrievable areas.