Use Old Socks to Protect Windshield Wipers

The bare metal wiper arm can scratch your window glass if you're driving through wet weather with an old or missing windshield wiper. The fix is in a simple sock.

Wrap the sock tightly around the wiper arm to prevent the metal from scraping the glass. Socks also work well to clean off debris or smudges until you can get a new set of wiper blades and, if you have more socks to spare, double as great covers for car cup holders.

First, grab a travel cup that fits snugly in your cup holder and then cover it with a spare sock. Spray the sock with a little window cleaner, then twist it inside the cup holder. The sock should be able to pick up all the crud hiding in the curves of the cup holder.

This hack can be duplicated for those other hard-to-reach places in your car. Just put the sock over your hand, spray the fabric with window cleaner, and watch the grime disappear from the interior panels faster than you can make a sock puppet joke.