Buying a car with your partner? Top 5 tips to consider

Top tips for buying a car with your significant other

Top 5 tips
buying a car

Choosing the perfect car to suit both you and your significant other is a big decision. Should it be compact or spacious? A pricier model or more on the affordable side? Should it be sky blue or electric yellow? We’ve come up with some great advice to keep in mind when looking to purchase a shared vehicle.


Tip 1: Lay it all out in the open.

Before heading to the dealership, sit down with your partner to talk finances. This involves sharing vital information with your partner, such as your income and expenses for the month, as well as the details of any debt either of you may still need to pay off. Having this information out in the open will help you both to decide how much you can truly afford to spend.

Drawing up a household budget not only helps to save money in the long run, but prepares both of you for the unexpected expenses that tend to crop up when you own a car – like repairs, maintenance and even just daily running costs.


Tip 2: Decide what’s important.

Depending on your individual needs, there are plenty of features to consider when buying your first “couple car”. Size matters if you enjoy big shopping sprees and regular trips to the supermarket – or, if your goal is to start a family, you may need to consider a safe and practical vehicle like an SUV or minivan.

Perhaps both of you are planning to travel more, in which case you will also need to consider a tougher, more reliable vehicle with useful add-ons, like a roof rack for extra luggage.


Tip 3: Sharing is caring. 

Having a car gives you the freedom to go where you please, but when it comes to sharing a car between two people, a little compromise goes a long way – especially when a shared vehicle becomes a hassle for two busy people who may need to get around on their own every now and then.

Avoid unnecessary squabbles by settling on a fairness policy between the two of you, where you both take turns to take the wheel, including pick-up and drop-off duty.


Tip 4: New, demo or pre-owned? 

Buying new allows you to customise your ride to your heart’s content and, while demo or pre-owned vehicles offer a little less choice, they’re still great options if you’re looking to go the cost-effective route.

You can usually find a demo car with a few miles on the clock but still in great condition – these often offer the benefit of a service-plan still in place. You can also drive off in a pre-owned vehicle at a fraction of the cost, but make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. A reputable dealer would already have checked the condition of the car, but it’s a good idea to give it a once-over just to make sure.


Tip 5: Get cover. 

Insuring your new ride is vital, as it protects you from having to endure sleepless nights in the event of damage or theft to your dream car. Factors that affect your premium include the age and gender of both registered owners, as well as the type of car being insured – a racy sports car, for example, is more expensive to insure than a sensible sedan.

While the expense of ensuring your new ride can be frustrating, just remember that you still get to split the cost of the monthly premiums between the two of you.


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