Car Hack: Prevent your windscreen from fogging up, with crystal kitty litter!

Fixing foggy car windows quick and easy

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Foggy car windows are not only annoying – they can be dangerous too.  The moisture causing the fog tends to subside with time and with enough air system coaxing, however there is a quicker way to de-fog your windshield.


You can make your very own window fog buster, using 3 ordinary materials:

  1. A pair of old socks
  2. A roll of cello tape
  3. Some kitty litter (must be the crystal kitty litter)


Tip: Kitty litter is designed to absorb moisture, and so when placed on your dashboard it will absorb the moisture in your car that causes your windscreen to fog up.


Here’s what to do:

  • Take one sock and place the roll of tape at the top of open tube part of the sock.
  • Fold the cuff of the sock over the roll of tape so that the sock will stay open wide enough for you to pour the kitty litter into it.
  • Fill the sock up to about where your ankle would begin. Remove the tape roll, and tie the sock closed. Stuff the whole thing into the second sock for extra strength.


Tip: Now that you have your fog buster, place it on your dashboard. Your fog problems will be a thing of the past. This nifty little kitty litter filled sock can also be used to soak up any other moisture in your car.


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