How to install an ISOFIX child seat

Proper installation and use of an ISOFIX car seat is critical in ensuring the safe transportation of children

Reuben Van Niekerk
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ISOFIX is a globally standardised child seat fitting system and has been the preferred standard in new cars since 2006. Today the majority of new cars sold in South Africa are fitted with ISOFIX child seat anchors.


ISOFIX easily secures the child seat or child seat base onto the ISOFIX mounting points, which are two metal clips located within the seat cushion of your car and eliminates the need to use the cars seat belt in securing the child seat.


The benefits of using an ISOFIX child seat include the fact that it is almost impossible to incorrectly install the car seat. An ISOFIX mounting ensures a permanent connection between your car seat and the car and eliminates movement of the seat during harsh acceleration or braking.


Installing or removing an ISOFIX seat is quick and easy. The process is further simplified with seats using an ISOFIX base. The base remains in the vehicle and the seat can then be fitted or removed from the base by a simple, but very effective mechanism.


The following steps are a guideline in how to correctly install and use an ISOFIX child seat:

  • Locate your vehicle’s ISOFIX anchoring points
  • Remove the plastic ISOFIX protective covers if needed or fold them out of the way
  • Place the seat into position and extend the ISOFIX
  • Align the ISOFIX connectors with the ISOFIX anchoring points and click the connectors straight onto the ISOFIX anchoring points
  • Push the child seat back until it is snug against the vehicle seat
  • Connect the tether hook to the vehicle’s anchor point and tighten
  • Adjust the height of the seat and seatbelts to ensure they fit your child fits correctly
  • For older and taller children you can utilise the vehicle’s seatbelt


Always read the manufacturers handbook before installing any child car seat to ensure it is compatible with the car and child.


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Check out the video below to learn how to install an Isofix seat for young children: