All-new Kia Sportage unveiled

The pioneering Kia Sportage has been designed and developed in Europe

Reuben Van Niekerk
Kia Sportage

Kia has unveiled the dedicated European Sportage, which has been designed and manufactured to establish new benchmarks across the SUV segment. Combining a sleek yet muscular exterior with a cutting edge interior, which includes a curved display that is home to the latest advancements in connectivity technology.


The new platform has enabled the use of the latest technology while offering improvements in luggage capacity, headroom and legroom, now offering the best-in-class legroom for second-row passengers.


The latest generation Electronic Controlled Suspension provides optimum comfort and superior safety levels at all times thanks to continuous damping in real time. A new Terrain Mode with options for snow, mud and sand allows owners to pursue more adventurous leisure activities.


The high-tech DriveWise suite offers a variety of passive and active high-tech systems including a variety of advanced driver-assistance systems. These systems are designed to help occupants avoid potential hazards and include Forward Collision Avoidance, Junction Turning and Highway Driving Assist. Highway Driving Assist maintains a set distance and speed from the vehicle ahead when driving on a highway and helps to centre the Sportage in its lane.


Navigation based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC) helps drivers to pilot the new Sportage at a safe speed on the highway using real-time navigation data. For parts of the highway with corners and curves, the technology automatically reduces speed before encountering a curve, once the road straightens out, NSCC resets the speed to the original level.


Establishing new design boundaries

Tense and crisp lines ripple along the body, amplifying the styling tensions. Clean but muscular surfaces join forces with intricate graphics to give the SUV a dynamic and assertive road presence.


Upfront the new Sportage features a precise and intricate design form with a detail orientated black grille graphic stretching across the width of the face. The grille links Kia’s modern signature Tiger Nose grille with the LED DRLs. The Sportage will be available with a black roof, which helps to accentuate the sporting profile and highlight the dynamic C-pillar. The addition of a chrome beltline kicks up onto the rear of the new Sportage, creating harmonious lines with the rear spoiler. At the rear, razor rear lamps are connected by a slim horizontal design, giving the impression of width.


Depending on the level of specification, the Sportage rides on 17-inch, 18-inch or 19-inch alloys in various designs and colours.


Inside story

The interior is bold in character, soft in quality and innovative in technology, creating a driver orientated space that is truly state of the art, crafted to fuse all these elements.


The 12.3-inch touchscreen and advanced integrated controller act as the nerve centre while the 12.3-inch instrument cluster is equipped with the latest generation full thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display, offering incredibly precise and clear graphics.


Throughout the cabin, the highest quality materials have been used, while dynamic colour options add vibrancy and energy.


Under the bonnet

The new Sportage will be launched with a comprehensive range of engines. State of the art hybrid powertrains tick the emissions and fuel economy boxes. An advanced plug-in hybrid realises emissions free electric only driving that is sufficient for most daily needs. The very latest internal combustion clean petrol and diesel engines are also available in various efficiency and power versions.


The plug-in hybrid (PHEV) features the award winning 1.6-litre T-GDI engine boasting 132kW coupled t a 66.9kW permanent magnet electric motor fed by a 13.8kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack, resulting in a powertrain combination of 195kW.


The hybrid mode (HEV) also benefits from Kia’s 1.6 T-GDI 132kW engine and features a 44.2kW permanent magnet electric motor and a 1.49kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, resulting in a total system power output of 169kW.


The 1.6 T-GDI engine is also available in the new Sportage line-up with a mild hybrid (MHEV) system that has been developed to reduce emissions and optimise frugality. Combining efficiency with sporty performance to generate 110kW or 132kW.


A highly efficient 1.6-litre clean diesel engine is available with 85kW or 100kW power outputs. Fitted with SCR active emissions control technologies, the clean diesel engine cuts pollutants such as Nox and particulate matter. The 100kW clean diesel model is available with MHEV technology, further reducing emissions and enhancing the efficiency of the new Sportage.


These engines can be paired to a variety of transmission options, including a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, a six-speed manual or a six-speed intelligent manual.


An all-new Terrain Mode debuts on the fifth generation Sportage, this highly advanced system automatically adjusts various settings so that the vehicle realises an optimal dynamic drive for any given road condition or environment, including snow, mud and sand.



The all-new Sportage is under consideration for introduction to the South African market, once the local launch is confirmed, more details will be made available.


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