Audi unveils the Audi e-tron GT

Audi unveils second fully electric model range with e-tron GT

Reuben Van Niekerk
Audi e-tron GT
electric car

With the e-tron GT Audi is demonstrating how fascinating electric mobility will be. The four-door coupe combines emotive design with a powerful drive and dynamic handling.

Presales of two models of the gran turismo with fully electric drive will start simultaneously in Europe in February 2021; the e-tron GT Quattro and the RS e-tron GT.


Beautiful design

The exterior of the Audi e-tron GT is a dynamic work of art. Each surface and each line is harmonious, from the headlights, which are available with Audi laser light upon request, to the large diffuser at the rear. In combination, the details create a sculpture that looks like it was shaped by the wind.


Electrifying performance

The electric motors, located on each axle, produce 350kW and 630Nm in the e-tron GT quattro and 440kW and 830Nm in the RS e-tron GT. These figures allow a sprint from standstill to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds or 3.3 seconds respectively.


A range of up to 487 kilometres is made possible by the battery with a capacity of 85kWh. 800-volt technology enables fast DC charging with an output of up to 270kW.

Since a dynamic vehicle such as this should sound good, Audi has composed a unique sound for the e-tron GT, which sounds powerful and progressive, just as an Audi should.


A drivetrain that delivers

The suspension offers a balance between dynamism and comfort, thanks to technologies such as Audi drive select, all-wheel steering, controlled damping, three chamber air suspension, electric all-wheel drive and the rear axles differential lock.


Inside story

The interior also corresponds to that of a classic gran turismo; the driver and front passenger seats are installed in a sporty low position and separated by a wide centre console, while the rear seats provide sufficient space even for adults. For the sake of sustainability Audi will be introducing leather free interiors, using upholstery made with a high percentage of recycled material instead.


Audi virtual cockpit plus and MMI touch display are standard and include natural voice control with online connection. The infotainment and online services from Audi connect and the assist systems are state of the art.


When will it be available?

The e-tron GT is yet to be confirmed for the South African market, look out for the grand arrival on