Evergreen BMW R 1250 GS turns 40

New tech and celebratory colour scheme for the 2021 BMW R 1250 GS

Reuben Van Niekerk
New model
BMW Motorrad

BMWs 40 Years of GS livery was first unveiled on the F 850 GS, now the R 1250 GS gets the same treatment as well as a couple of technological upgrades.


Inspiring performance, an impressive range of equipment, an incomparable riding experience and the rock solid confidence of GS customers in their motorcycles contributes significantly to the success of the BMW Motorrad brand.


The BMW GS models are celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2020 and BMW Motorrad is presenting the updated R1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure just in time for this.


These new models offer numerous new features and an extended range of optional equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories making them the perfect companions for discovering even the most remote corners of our planet by motorcycle.



The boxer engine remains largely unchanged, the two cylinder still featuring a displacement of 1 254 cc and capable of 100kW (136hp). Thanks to BMWs ShiftCam technology the engine provides great power across the rev range, extremely smooth and quiet running and outstanding consumption and emission values.


Added technology

State of the art Dynamic Traction Control ensures a high level of driving safety by offering traction across all surfaces and with a new Eco riding mode, efficient riding is encouraged.


In addition to the three standard riding modes the new models can be fitted with the optional Pro riding modes, which include Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes. In addition, the Dynamic Pro and Enduro Pro modes each have individualisation options for adapting the motorcycle to the riders own requirements. Previous activation using a coding plug is no longer required.


With the new riding mode preselection, the rider can make the individual selection of riding modes via the riding mode button. A new component of the Pro riding modes is the dynamic engine brake control, which can be used to safely avoid unstable driving conditions, which can occur in coasting overrun mode, or when downshifting aggressively, which can cause excessive brake slip.


The new models will feature BMW Integral ABS Pro as standard. This system uses the handbrake lever to activate the front and rear brakes simultaneously while the footbrake only applies the rear brake. Integral ABS has been optimised for road and off-road use and with this even greater spread of braking characteristics between road and off-road, deactivation of the ABS control function at the front wheel was no longer required.


Hill Start Control drive-off assistant is standard on both models and enables convenient stopping and starting when driving uphill, noticeably improving starting performance in all conditions.


Lighting the way

The standard full-LED headlight already illuminates the road with an unmatched and clear light. Big news is that a newly developed headlight with swivel function takes this one step further. With the optional adaptive headlight equipment, the low beam headlight of the standard full-LED headlight turns as the motorcycle is tilted ensuring that it lights in the direction that the motorcycle is moving.


Other options, which can be fitted, include seat heating for rider and passenger as well as 30mm handlebar risers and a wide range of seat height options and footpeg placement positions to ensure that riders of all shapes and sizes can find a configuration that is comfortable for them.


Celebrating with colour

In their respective basic versions, the new BMW R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure emphasise their more precise nature and universal talents in light white or ice grey colour schemes respectively. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the BMW GS models, there are two colour options available as accessories. 40 Years GS markings in black and yellow pay tribute to the legendary R 100 GS while the popular triple black colour scheme makes a return.



The new BMW R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure will be available in South Africa from the second quarter of 2021 and 40 Years of GS models will be available in limited numbers only.