Ford unveils most powerful Mustang yet

Mustang GTD is a race car for the road

Reuben Van Niekerk
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Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang GTD
Mustang GTD

As part of a secret project, a handful of team members set about designing a Mustang to take on the best of European sports cars. The result is a limited-edition, ultra-high-performance street legal performance car with the soul of a Mustang.

The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD is a technological tour de force inspired by the Mustang GT3 that is aiming for participation at Le Mans next year. A body sculpted mostly from carbon fibre and a looming rear wing hints at the fact that this is like no other Mustang.

Designed for purpose

The Ford Mustang GTD is designed for pure purpose. Every line drives aerodynamic performance at speed, from the front splitter, vented hood and fenders to the available C-pillar mounted hydraulically controlled active rear wing.

An available aero package includes a comprehensive underbody aerodynamic tray that is also executed in carbon fibre and includes features pioneered in motorsport as well as some technology that would be illegal in racing, such as hydraulically controlled front flaps that manage airflow for aerodynamic balance in conjunction with the active rear wing.

The boot area has been occupied by semi-active suspension, a hydraulic control system, and a transaxle cooling system that uses a motorsport-inspired cover which includes two air scoops to funnel air off the back glass into the area and through the heat exchangers.

The Mustang GTD is planted to the tarmac by astounding downforce from the available active aerodynamics and enormous grip from the huge tyres mounted to an advanced dual ride height short-long arm front and multi-link rear suspension.

This combination of purposefully designed aerodynamic features aims to result in massive downforce balanced across both the front and rear axles which will drive up corner speeds and result in incredible lap times, with the development team targeting a sub-7-minute Nurburgring time.

State of the art semi active suspension can vary both spring rates and ride height. The adaptive spool valve damper technology with hydraulically actuated dual spring rate and height adaptable suspension provides two unique states which enhance on-road and on-track performance independently.

Grip is ensured by 325mm wide front tyres and 345 mm wide rear tyres mounted to 20-inch forged aluminium wheels. Behind those wheels are massive Brembo carbon ceramic brakes.

Under the bonnet is a purpose developed supercharged 5.2 litre V8 that aims to produce approximately 600kW. Dual air inlets and a dry sump system assist in keeping the engine lubricated during sustained cornering. A by-product of this pure performance is an exceptional soundtrack through the titanium active valve exhaust system. A rear mounted eight-speed dual-clutch transaxle converts power into forward momentum and a lightweight carbon fibre driveshaft assists with near 50/50 weight distribution.

Motorsport inspired interior

The interior is finished with premium materials including Miko suede paired with leather and carbon fibre for the Recaro seats, while digital displays keep drivers engaged and in full command. Rear seats have been removed in the interest of weight saving. 3D printed titanium paddle shifters, rotary dial shifter and a serial plate are made from retired Lockheed Martin F-22 titanium parts.


The overall result is a vehicle that is as close to a race ready Mustang GT3 for the street as possible.

Local introduction and pricing of the Ford Mustang GTD is yet to be confirmed.

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