Latest Range Rover design remains true to the original

Design of all new Range Rover incorporates a number of iconic elements

Reuben Van Niekerk
Range Rover
Land Rover
2022 Land Rover Range Rover

A Range Rover is the original luxury SUV and has defined the breed for more than 50 years as it combines comfort and composure with unmatched presence and sophistication.


The fifth generation Range Rover is set to take Land Rover’s modernist design philosophy to the next level by reimagining its trademark profile in order to create a new design statement. This new design will ensure breathtaking modernity, aesthetic grace and advanced levels of sophistication.


When launched, the new Range Rover will be available in standard and long wheelbase body designs with a choice of four, five or seven seat interior configurations.


Iconic exterior design

The design of the new range Rover is defined through the harmony of its proportions, surfaces and lines, which are part of its DNA and contribute to its unparalleled stature.


The design is characterised by three lines that can trace their origins back through the generations. The falling roofline, strong waistline and lower rising sill create an almost teardrop shape and give the illusion of converging at a point far behind the vehicle.


A characteristically short front overhang, formal front end, upright windscreen and distinctive boat tail rear end continue to define the proportions. The front end exudes confidence and has been enhanced by deeper grille graphic and intersecting headlights. The digital LED headlights allow for a slimmer design profile while offering superior lighting. The front fog lights, forward radar and parking sensors are all concealed within the lower aperture.


The solidity effect of the body is achieved by uninterrupted surfaces that eliminate the unnecessary. The clamshell bonnet has been a feature of Range Rovers since 1970 and today its shut line is halved compared to that of the previous model. A single crease line runs along the length of the body and ends in an ingot shape at the rear.


The trademark signature side graphic appears as if it machined into the body. When viewed from the side, it appears as if the roof is floating, this is emphasised by gloss black pillars and the elimination of the D-pillar trim.


Fully flush glazing, which removes any step between the glass and the pillar adds to the appearance of a single, solid form.


The execution of these elements was not easy to achieve but reducing the number of joints and interfaces was a key component in creating the desired modernity. The proportions have been finessed to give the new Range Rover the stature and presence customers have come to expect, along with a roofline that is 10mm lower than before and new 23-inch alloy wheels.


The rear is defined by vertical taillights housed in a single gloss black panel, which are hidden until they are lit.


Inside story

The interior is modern and sophisticated and features intuitive and relevant technologies. Elegant and refined surfaces have been honed to work harmoniously with the finest materials and wellbeing innovations, turning every trip into an experience to savour.


A 13.1-inch touchscreen, the largest ever touchscreen fitted to a Land Cruiser sits at the centre of the dashboard and Land Rover’s award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment system features haptic feedback, to make the system even more user friendly.


The elegant dashboard design features stratified horizontal layers, including exquisitely integrated air vents. The instrument cluster is similarly engineered as a semi-floating glass panel. Beautifully tailored seats offer superior comfort for all occupants.


The colour and materials strategy for the new Range Rover reflects the evolution of customer tastes and Land Rover’s awareness of environmental impacts. It represents the culmination of Land Rover’s work in innovating materials, processes and technologies.



The new Range Rover will go on sale in South Africa in 2022 and final pricing and specification will be confirmed closer to that date.


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