R5 moving Renault into a new era

Renault announces future plans with a nod to the past

Reuben Van Niekerk
Renault 5

Renault has revealed its strategy for the next five years and beyond as part of Groupe Renault’s ‘Renaulution’ programme. The plan will see Renault evolving and embracing modernity in the automotive industry to become a tech, service and clean energy brand.


Cleaning up their act

Renault will continue its transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy through electrified and hydrogen solutions, offering the greenest mix of vehicles in Europe by 2021. With regards to technology, Renault will take advantage of the Software Republique, an open ecosystem dedicated to software, data, cyber security and microelectronics which will fuel the Renault line-up with enhanced connected services. Value will come through a wider variety of vehicles in the C-segment, the development of cutting-edge technologies.


Innovation has been at the heart of the Renault brand for 120 years and is the leader in the European EV market with more than 10 years of in-depth experience in electric mobility and services with more than 300 000 vehicles sold.


A repositioned line-up will help the brand win back its place amongst C-segment leader whilst maintaining its B-segment leadership. A total of 14 models will be launched by 2021, including seven electric and seven C and D segment vehicles, with the ambition to have upper segments accounting for 45 percent of sales by the same year.


Looking back to look forward

The soul of the Renault brand is firmly in its roots and Gilles Vidal’s design team were inspired by the iconic cult models from Renault’s past, such as the R5. The Renault 5 prototype looks to reconnect with this past and draw inspiration to find the spirit of those glorious times without merely replicating it. Instead, it demonstrates how Renault will democratise the electric car in Europe with a modern approach influenced by one of the most popular and essential cars of its era.


The Renault 5 Prototype is a charming, compact, city car, which takes one of Renault’s timeless successes and develops it to be fit for future with a modern, 100 percent electric twist. It has retained the fun and mischievous character, with the pop of yellow highlights. The Renault 5 prototype takes strong features from the original design. The modern approach is evident in the chosen finishes and materials, which are inspired by various electronics, furniture and sports.


The R5 is immediately recognisable, but thanks to a modern treatment of lines and flush surfaces with futuristic detailing, the result is in keeping with current times. Additionally, the styling elements taken from the original design hide some of the more modern features, for example; the bonnet scoop hides the charging hatch, the rear lights include aero flaps and the fog lamps in the bumper are daytime running lights. There is even a nod to the original ‘5’on the side vent, the wheels and the rear logo.