Toyota Gazoo Racing unveils GR GT3 Concept and GRMN Yaris

Toyota Gazoo Racing announces motorsport inspired models developed according to customer needs

Reuben Van Niekerk
Toyota Gazoo Racing
GRMN Yaris

Toyota Gazoo Racing is committed to further accelerating customer motorsport activities to make the world of motorsports more sustainable. As such they have unveiled the GR GT3 Concept.


Toyota Gazoo Racing intends to use feedback and technologies refined through participation in various motorsports activities to develop both GT3 and mass production cars as well as even better motorsports bred cars.


GRMN Yaris

Following the global success of the GR Yaris, Toyota has pulled the covers off an even hotter version dubbed the GRMN, a model that embodies the total tuning concept.


The development of the GRMN Yaris began from the desire to deliver cars to customers that can be tailored to individual needs like in the world of motorsport. As such body rigidity has been enhanced, weight has been reduced, while width has been increased and the vehicle has been lowered.


A close ratio gearbox makes efficient use of the engines power band while front and rear mechanical limited slip differentials replace the Torsen versions found in the GR Yaris. A reinforced metal matrix clutch has also been added.


Lightweight high rigidity carbon fibre has been used to shave weight from the bonnet, roof and rear spoiler and the rear seats have been removed, for a total weight saving of 20kg.


Engine power remains at 200kW but torque has been increased by 20Nm to 390Nm.


Two packages to choose from

The GRMN will be offered with two bespoke packages, a Circuit Pack and a Rally Pack. The Circuit pack includes 18-inch BBS wheels, 18-inch brakes, Bilstein shock absorbers, a carbon fibre rear spoiler, side skirts and a lip spoiler.


The Rally pack consists of a GR shock absorber and short stabiliser link set, under guard set and a GR roll bar.



The GRMN Yaris is currently only available in the Japanese market and is limited to 500 units. Interested enthusiasts are invited to register for the GRMN Yaris Lottery, to win a chance to purchase one of these exclusive models.


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