Emergency gear to keep in your boot


What are the most useful things to put in a car boot?

In an emergency, the contents of your car boot can be invaluable. 

Driving along South African roads can lead to all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. You may face roadwork, break down, become lost in an unfamiliar location (or a pothole, for that matter), or have to change a flat tyre solo. 

According to motus.cars, your ability to cope with these emergencies can depend on the contents of your car boot.

For peace of mind and to help get you back on the road quickly and safely, keep the following items in your boot:


Keeping a well-inflated spare tyre in good condition, together with a jack and wheel lever, in your boot is a wheely good idea. Reputable motus.cars dealers ensure cars sold, have a spare tyre under the boot.  If you don’t have one, kitting your boot with a spare tyre, a jack, and a tyre iron could help you avoid a lot of hassle if you run into trouble on the roads.


There are a number of tyre inflators on the market, ranging from simple hand pumps to powered devices. Whichever type you choose, a portable method of pumping up tyres provides a quick, temporary solution for a flat or punctured tyre.


Dead batteries happen to even the best of us. Packing jumper cables in your boot means you don't have to rely on a kind stranger to use their jumper cables in an emergency.


If your car is stopped on a shoulder or near oncoming traffic, it is essential to signal other cars to slow down from a safe distance. A reflective triangle is also important for alerting other motorists if there is a crash ahead.


The right gear can help you deal with the unexpected and stay safe. Even while you may not need the items in your boot for months or even years, it’s reassuring to know that you are prepared for whatever the journey throws at you.

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