How to extend your car's life

7 tips to ensure that your car is properly maintained

Reuben Van Niekerk
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Maintaining your car is very important and every car owner should be diligent at this – not only to increase the life span of your car but more importantly to keep you safe.

Preventive maintenance in line with the manufacturers recommendations is the best thing that you can do for your car – to increase its life and also ultimately save money on repairs. Cars with a full-service history will also be worth more when the time comes to sell.

A vehicle that is maintained correctly will perform optimally and will also be lighter on fuel than an ill maintained vehicle. now allows for the convenient booking of services online.


Here are 7 tips to ensure that your car is properly maintained:

1. Check your Air Filter

You should get your filters changed every 12 months or after 20 000 kilometres, whichever comes first. Filters are checked with every regular service.


2. Inspect fluids and tyre pressure regularly

These are very important components of your car and have a habit of wearing and running out too quickly. Check these at least once a month – it only takes 10 minutes.


3. Check your battery

Get your battery checked regularly as batteries only have a lifespan of approximately three years. A fully charged battery is imperative for the optimum running of cars, especially with the large amount of electrical components in vehicles these days.

Jump-starting a modern vehicle with a flat battery also poses a risk to the sensitive electronics.


4. Clean your car regularly

Cleaning and polishing your car regularly will ensure the longevity of the paintwork as well as rubber and plastic trimmings, especially if your car is often parked in the harsh African sun.

Bird droppings or tree sap should be washed off immediately


5. Get your tyres rotated and balanced

This will prevent wearing of tyres and make them last longer. Tyres do not wear evenly – so by rotating the front and back tyres, you balance the wear and make them more durable.

You should also check wheel alignment, which can be done on request when you take your car for a service.


6. Clean your windshields and replace the wipers

If you don’t clean them, the accumulated dirt on your windscreen not only makes it difficult to see – it can also cause damage to the glass.

If the rainy season is approaching, be sure to check your wipers and get them replaced if needed.


7. Check your brakes

Get your brake fluid checked regularly as it is hydroscopic, which means it attracts water. If your brakes are making any kind of noise or you notice you aren’t stopping as quickly as you should, get those pads and disks checked out.


Check out the video below to learn how to extend vehicle engine life: