Is 2021 a good year to buy a car? 5 Important tips to consider

In two minds as to whether this is a good time to buy a car? Consider these tips

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If you are thinking of upgrading your car, but are in two minds as to whether this is a good time to buy a car – do not feel alone.


2020 saw a great disruption of our economy due to the crippling effect of a global pandemic. While this is far from over, things are certainly looking up.  Many forms of relief have been put in place, such as lower interest rates, small business relief funds and tax breaks, which have in fact created a much better climate to buy a car.


There are good deals when it comes to financing a car and there are great offers on previous models, browse over 10 000 cars on, guaranteed not stolen or rebuilt. As an extra bonus, there are many 2021 models sporting new features and upgrades, from practical family cars to sport-hatch models,  there is something for everyone.


Here’s 5 reasons why 2021 is proving to be a good year to buy a car:

  • Borrowing is cheaper!

Interest rates on loans are lower as a response to the pandemic from government, which means borrowers can finance more vehicle for less money over the long term. A word of caution however is that once the economy bounces back, those rates are almost certain to go up increasing your monthly payments, therefore always be mindful of your budget.


  • Savings are available on older models

Dealerships will be wanting to move 2020 models throughout the year and people who are more flexible on things like features and colour can get great deals by shopping for previous year models that dealerships are eager to move. You can search for older model vehicles in your area easily on, try the filter for a custom search.


  • More finance options available

There are attractive financing options available for everyone, including payment holidays, zero deposit deals, and cash back/dealer assistance to make purchasing a vehicle more affordable and custom fit to each person. Browse latest promotions.


  • Super deals on phased-out models!

If you really want a huge saving on newer models, you should consider those that are at the end of their production runs. Discontinued vehicles that are the last of their kind will have an even more attractive price tag in order to move them of the floor, for example the Volkswagen Arteon, which was discontinued in May 2020 or the Honda Brio or Ford Focus discontinued in late 2019.


  • New amazing cars are coming out!

There are ample financial motivations for buying a car in 2021, but another reason that is certain to get you excited is that there are new models hitting dealership floors soon. These long-awaited models will be available soon:


If you are still not sure if the time is right for you, or how to go about searching for the perfect car for you right now – remember you are not alone. The website offers a platform to shop for all new and used cars, as well as several tools and functionalities to cover every car-related requirement South African car shoppers and car enthusiasts may have. All you need to do is “click”.