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With most things having changed in our lives over the past two years – working from home, on-line meeting, on-line schooling, on-line shopping and even on-line catchups with friends and family – even though restrictions have eased, many of us have adapted to the convenience of on-line solutions.


We’re all continuously looking for faster and more convenient ways to do things – especially typically time-consuming tasks like buying a car.


A great progression to the car shopping journey is offered by motus.cars in the form of a URL, boasting an online “warehouse” and customer-focused processes. 


1. A new consumer experience

motus.cars offers customers a new experience, and it’s a safe and trusted place to shop for your next car. The online platform is designed around consumer needs – one of which is peace of mind!  


With all used cars being 100% Motus-owned and certified, consumers are guaranteed that the car is not stolen or rebuilt.


motus.cars also holds the stock of more than 300 Motus dealerships nationwide and all cars are sold by franchise dealers with approved workshops. You can also trade-in your old car through this network of reputable dealers.


2. Simple and easy access to what you’re looking for

The motus.cars website offers a user-friendly platform to shop for all new and used cars. The offerings on the site cover every car-related requirement South African car buyers may have.


Optimised for customer-use, motus.cars offers numerous tools including various search filters which  make finding what you’re looking for really easy. 


There are also four different contact methods allowing shoppers to enquire about a car via an enquiry form, a phone call, WhatsApp chat or even a please-call-me request.


3. Gain the upper hand in pricing

With more than 30 of the most recognisable new car brands available for car buyers to choose from, across more than 300 dealerships nationwide, consumers are sure to find the best price possible.


motus.cars also provides access to monthly promotions across different brands, all in one place!


4. True ease of purchase

motus.cars offers a very easy car buying journey – from the capability to compare cars across all available brands to booking a test drive.


The website also conveniently offers the ability to apply for finance online with a helpful vehicle finance calculator and a cost of vehicle ownership calculator. Furthermore, you will also have access to comprehensive first-time buyer assistance, tips, and tools.


5. You click, we car!

As an automotive aggregator, motus.cars offers several tools and functionalities on the site which differentiate it from other car aggregator sites to offer a new car-buying or selling experience, and anything in between!


Customers can find exactly what they’re looking for, quickly, making it the one-stop shop for “everything cars”.  Whether you want to buy, sell, finance, service or compare - all you need to do is “click”!