Looking for guarantees when buying, selling or trading-in your car?

motus.cars will offer you the right guarantees, all in one place!

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When buying, selling, trading-in or servicing a vehicle, everyone wants a hassle free, smooth experience and to deal with someone we know we can trust. Buying a car is a particularly important decision and ensuring you get a good reliable vehicle can be a daunting task – especially when buying a used car.


motus.cars offers a new progression to the car shopping journey and all things “car” are certainly not new to the brand. Previously known as Imperial, the group has been around since 1948 and is a trusted automotive brand in South Africa as well as abroad.


The aim of motus.cars is to allow customers to shop new car models from 25 OEMs and compare vehicles all in one place. They can then complete the process by applying for finance and  having the vehicle delivered at their nearest dealership, all from the comfort of their computer or smartphone.


The Motus Promise

Most people in the market to purchase a used car indicate that the following are important:

  • Access to reliable advice from a trusted person
  • A good selection of vehicles to choose from
  • A guarantee that the car is not stolen or been rebuilt
  • The ability to find out the accurate history of the vehicle


Many want to skip the middleman and go directly to the owner himself,  meeting him face-to-face and having the ability to get accurate first-hand information and agree on a fair price.


On the other hand, many people are not comfortable purchasing a car privately as this comes with safety risks and the potential to be scammed. The great thing is – both preferences can easily be met by purchasing your next used vehicle through a reputable automotive aggregator, such as motus.cars.


All Motus Certified vehicles come with the following promise:

Total transparency

  • All motus certified vehicles need to have a full-service history to be certified
  • No odometer tampering
  • Consumers will have access to reliable advice from a trusted person and an expert in the field
  • There will be no middleman
  • Consumers can be safe in the knowledge they are dealing with a reputable automotive aggregator



  • Guaranteed not stolen or rebuilt
  • Inspected and guaranteed
  • All Motus cars come with a spare tyre (where applicable), spare keys and owner’s manual
  • No outstanding finance or insurance issues
  • Fully valeted and sanitised
  • Not every car has what it takes to become a Motus car and certain criteria need to be met from the state of the exterior to interior condition and mileage
  • Certified and trusted mechanics and approved workshops
  • We own our cars, so we can guarantee the quality


One stop shop

No matter what car related service you are looking for - motus.cars is a one-stop-shop for all a customer’s car needs with listings of new, demo and used cars, the ability to apply for finance, book a service, sell or trade in your vehicle and a regularly-updated blog featuring the latest news and reviews from independent motoring experts.


Supported by over 300 dealerships and a network offering over 30 vehicle brands - they offer a large selection of vehicles and nationwide delivery.


To give you peace of mind - motus.cars says “no” to lots of vehicles people want to sell – so it’s easier for you to say yes to the one you want. All vehicles are test driven by motus.cars – technicians test drive every used car to check engine performance, steering and brakes.


The Motus Promise offers an innovative solution to make any car related journey you embark on a smooth ride!