Online car shopping: Why it’s important to know who you’re buying from

Shopping on means dealing directly with the owner - of all cars listed on the site

Reuben Van Niekerk
online car shopping

While online shopping has certainly grown in popularity in recent times, car shoppers should proceed with caution. When browsing used car websites, or aggregator sites as they are known, shoppers are shown vehicles from a variety of sources.


While many of these vehicles will be offered for sale by reputable dealers and dealer groups, several are from private sellers, and most concerning, some may even be from scammers. In this case buyers have no way of confirming if cars have been stolen or rebuilt, the odometer has been tampered with or in the case of scammers, if the car actually exists.


On the contrary, when shopping on, you are buying from Motus, SA’s largest and leading automotive retail group, who owns every single vehicle listed on their website!


Shopping on gives shoppers the benefit of convenience that online shopping brings, along with the peace of mind that they’re dealing with a large and trustworthy dealer group. No dealing with stand-alone second-hand car dealers, private sellers or scammers. All vehicles sold on are owned by dealerships that are part of the Motus dealer network backed up by qualified staff and bricks and mortar facilities.


Buying a pre-owned car from therefore means you’re dealing directly with the owner.


Furthermore shoppers are guaranteed that vehicles have been inspected and are of a high quality, and that they are not stolen or rebuilt. Every used car is test driven by Motus certified technicians to check engine performance, steering and brakes.


If any issues are picked up during the inspections, which are conducted before the vehicle is listed for sale, they can be repaired by certified technicians in approved workshops as Motus represents the majority of OEMs in South Africa.


As the vehicle is part of Motus dealer stock there will also never be any surprises in terms of traffic fines, outstanding finance repayments or roadworthy issues.


Shopping with guarantees no scams, fair haggle-free trade ins, qualified finance and insurance managers and the ability to test-drive a vehicle before signing on the dotted line.