What to do in a minor bumper bashing accident

6 tips to remember when involved in a minor bumper bashing

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We all despise bumper bashings! A bumper bashing is when a driver bumps into the car bumper in front of them because they never stopped in time or failed to maintain a safe following distance.


Bumper bashings are common and can also happen to anyone at any given time. Whether you are at fault or not, do you know what to do if you are in a bumper bashing accident?


Here are 6 tips to consider when involved in a minor bumper bashing incident:


Tip 1: Come to a complete stop and remain at the scene

Stop your vehicle immediately; turn on your hazards to warn other drivers; and step out of your car if safe to do so.


If someone is injured, provide whatever assistance you can and contact an ambulance. If you feel that any of the drivers involved in the accident were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you should contact the police. It is good to keep the following emergency numbers on your phone for reference: 10177 for an ambulance, 10111 for a police response, and 112 for any emergency on a cell phone. 


Tip 2: Exchange necessary information 

Keep a record of everyone involved in the bumper bashing. This includes personal information of the other driver/s (full name, ID number, car registration, make, model and colour, address, contact details, and insurance company details). Take images of information with your phone where possible.


Tip 3: Gather evidence

Write down or use your cell phone to capture all road names, landmarks, intersections, and robots since you may need to draw a sketch and describe the bumper bashing should you need to claim from insurance. Take note of any visible damage to your car or the cars of other motorists involved.


Tip 4: Monitor what you say

Be cautious of what you say at the site of a bumper bashing (or any car accident for that matter). Keep your cool and say less rather than more.


Be mindful that while it may appear that your car was not damaged during the incident or that you were not injured, small bumper smacks can be more serious than they appear, and you may later discover your car was damaged or that you did sustain injuries that only manifested in the days following.


Tip 5: Consider towing costs

Often, a minor bumper bashing will not require vehicle towing. However, only use a towing service authorised by your insurance company if it does. If you do not have tow coverage via your insurance carrier, ask the tow truck driver for a price before your vehicle is towed, and make sure you know where it is going ahead of time.


Tip 6: Police reporting obligations

The police are not required to respond to such an accident, but it must be reported to a police station within 24 hours by both drivers. It is illegal not to report an accident, even if neither driver plans to pursue legal action.


An accident may happen in the blink of an eye, whether it is a little bumper bash, fender bender, or something more serious. These important tips could get you through a minor bumper bashing accident, and if you require a reputable workshop to fix your vehicle after an accident, visit a Motus dealer near you.


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