Why you can trust a Motus Select pre-owned vehicle

Shop with peace of mind for a pre-owned vehicle at Motus Select

Reuben Van Niekerk
Motus Select
Imperial Select

Motus Select, previously known as Imperial Select, has a reputation for offering the best quality used cars to South African motorists since 1948.


Motus Select prides themselves in offering good quality pre-owned vehicles that adhere to strict criteria that guarantee the quality and allow motorists to shop with confidence.


110-point Quality Check

To ensure that the vehicles being offered for sale are in excellent condition, Motus Select subjects the vehicles to a thorough 110-point quality check. In house technicians thoroughly inspect the vehicle to ensure that everything is as it should be.


The 110-point quality check includes a thorough inspection of the engine transmission and fuel lines as well as systems such as the air conditioning, steering, lighting systems, exterior condition, exhausts system, under carriage, brake system, tyres, clutch, windshield and safety belts. To ensure that all cars have a fresh look and feel, they are treated to a full valet.


Motus Select Assurance further ensures that all vehicles have a full, verifiable vehicle history that includes a full servicing history, certified ownership and a certified accident report.


The Motus Select dealer will also assist with the registration of the vehicle on to the customer’s name, which means that apart from the in house checks all pre-owned cars are sold with a valid roadworthy certificate. The Motus used car quality control process eliminates the chances of any stolen or rebuilt vehicles being offered for sale.


Shop online

Motorists who prefer to do their shopping online can search the Motus Select website at www.motusselect.co.za for the vehicle they are looking for in terms of make, model and price and can also start the finance process online.


Extensive dealer network

Motus Select boasts an extensive dealership footprint with 35 dealerships located across South Africa, which is constantly being expanded. These dealers have access to more than 1 500 pre-owned vehicles, making it easy for buyers to find the right make and model to meet their specific requirements. All vehicles are owned by Motus ensuring that customers can shop with peace of mind knowing that they are buying a good quality vehicle backed by one of SA’s largest dealer groups.


TIP: Motus Select will also buy or trade in used vehicles provided they conform to predetermined age and mileage criteria and have a full-service history.