Buy a car and 'boost your deal' with Motus Select

Get added value at no extra charge with the Boost your Deal specials available at Motus Select

Reuben Van Niekerk
Motus Select
Boost your Deal

Motus Select, which was previously known as Imperial Select, has a reputation for selling high quality used vehicles and will continue doing so under their new corporate identity.


The Boost your Deal special is one of those initiatives, which takes the financial sting out of buying a good quality pre-owned vehicle with deal options such as No Deposit, Delayed Payment, Cash Back or Trade-In settlement.


No Deposit option

The No Deposit option allows consumers to finance the entire price of the vehicle, without the need for a cash contribution upfront. The deal assistance amount will instead be used as a deposit when structuring the finance deal.


Delayed Payment option

The Delay payment option allows buyers to start paying their monthly finance instalments at a later date. The deal assistance amount will be used to cover the initial instalments upfront. This can be for anything from one to 8 months, depending on the value of assistance and the value of the monthly instalments as per the specific finance agreement.


Cash Back option

A Cash back option gives buyers cash in hand for expenses such as school fees or a holiday. But it can also be used as a deposit, to bolster the trade in value of your old vehicle or towards monthly instalments.


Trade-in settlement option

Trade-in settlements allow you to use the trade in assistance offered to settle any outstanding debt on your old vehicle when trading it in on another vehicle. If you don't owe anything on your old vehicle, the trade in assistance can be used to reduce the capital loan amount of your new set of wheels.


The Boost your Deal special is available on good quality pre-owned vehicles selling for less than R200 000 and almost new demo vehicles under R250 000. Valid until June 2021.


Hassle free, peace of mind shopping

Online shoppers can search the Motus Select website,, for the vehicle they are looking with search filters for criteria such as make, model and price and can also start the finance process online.


The Motus Select network consists of more than 20 dealerships a number that is expected to grow in future. Dealers have access to more than 1 500 pre-owned vehicles, giving prospective buyers access to vehicles suiting their exact needs. All stock is owned by the Motus group so customers can shop with peace of mind knowing that they are buying a good quality vehicle backed by one of SAs largest groups.