Renault SA now a 100% subsidiary of Motus

Motus gains full control of Renault South Africa

Reuben Van Niekerk
Renault SA

Renault South Africa has been in South Africa for 26 years and has a fascinating history within the country, and with current developments, is destined to better position and further elevates the Renault brand.


The shareholding structure of Renault South Africa has changed several times over the years, with the latest development being a 100% shareholding shift.

The competition commission approved the proposed 40% sale of Global RSAS shares in Renault South Africa (Pty) Ltd to Motus Corporation (Pty) Ltd recently. As of Friday 23 April, Renault SA is now a 100 percent subsidiary of Motus Holdings.


This shareholding movement is completely aligned with the overarching strategic vision “Renaulution” to ensure the drive to value is a priority for the brand within South Africa, with a continued focus to grow the brand in a responsible manner, in order to remain a strong contender within the South African market.


Integral to the global brand developments is a new visual identity to enable the brand to be portrayed in a fresh and modern way. First and foremost, the Renault logo has changed. As much as the emblem is distinctively Renault, the structure of the logo is bolder, without the attachment of the wordmark Renault.


The new logo embodies the Nouvelle vague, the idea to offer a new possibility by bringing something new to the ecosystem, closer to the spirit of the times and resolutely modern.