The latest must have features in cars

The latest must have features in cars for sale in Gauteng

Reuben Van Niekerk
Apple CarPlay
Android Auto
heated seats

A few years ago cars were very basic and when they included features like cup holders and Bluetooth manufacturers made a big song and dance about it. However as technology has progressed, those features have become the norm and the latest must have features in cars are much more advanced than we could have ever imagined.

Below are six of current favourites.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

This functionality allows for the mirroring of your smartphone onto the cars touchscreen. This means that you can control everything from making calls to playing music and even dictate Whatsapp messages directly from the touch screen. Older systems require your phone to be plugged in via a cable but many of the latest systems allow your phone to be connected to Apple Car Play or Android Auto wirelessly.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging allows for compatible smartphones to be charged via induction in a special location. By simply placing your phone in the binnacle or storage tray it will charge while you drive, without the need for any cables.

Radar based cruise control

While cruise control is a great way of maintaining a set speed when travelling on the open road, radar based cruise control takes this one step further. By using a radar based camera system your vehicle is able to maintain a set speed and following distance from the car travelling ahead of you. If that car slows down, the system will automatically slow your car and maintain the predetermined following distance.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems

Knowing when your tyre is flat or busy going flat is not always noticeable from the drivers seat. Naturally driving with an under inflated or flat tyre is a very dangerous practice. By utilising the circumference of the tyre, wheel sensors or special valve caps, tyre pressure monitoring systems are able to alert the driver as soon as one of their tyres loses pressure.

Heated seats

While most car heaters do a great job of warming the interior, heated seats provide a new level of cosy by warming the area that you are sitting on. This is especially convenient in cars with leather seats during winter.

Voice control

Many cars these days feature voice control which allows drivers to control functions like the temperature of the air conditioning or volume of the radio by simply asking the car to do so. This allows driver to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

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