Toyota celebrates 60 years in South Africa

Toyota South Africa releases emotive television commercial in celebration of 60 years in the country

Reuben Van Niekerk
Toyota South Africa
Corolla Cross

In commemoration of their 60-year anniversary in South Africa, Toyota has released a new television commercial. Since its establishment in1961, Toyota South Africa and the vehicles it has produced and sold have become part of the local culture and the wide variety of South African’s that drive Toyotas.


Toyota South Africa’s story is intertwined with the lives of South Africans across all demographics. It is a matter of fact that almost all South Africans have a Toyota story of their own to tell. This includes the millions of individuals who travel by taxis, with Toyota enjoying a 96% market share in this segment, to farming communities, as well as individuals in the mining and construction industry, who have made the Hilux their workhorse of choice.


The Toyota Corolla is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most popular family vehicles and a model that has been produced for the last five decades. South Africans recently welcomed the new Corolla Cross with open arms, the model selling over 1700 units in its first month.


Toyota South Africa’s latest television commercial celebrates 60 years of Toyota in South Africa and is a tribute to the brand’s loyal customer base. The commercial features a number of significant Toyota milestones, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, motorsport, environmental as well as a number of other community outreach programmes.


Toyota South Africa recently reaffirmed its commitment to South Africa with a R2.6 billion investment in order to ready their plant in Durban for the production of the new Corolla Cross. In addition Toyota continues to invest in the development of sport, arts and culture through a variety of sponsorship initiatives.


Although Toyota South Africa has done so much for South Africa and in that way has become a part of the culture and economy it does not generally brag about these achievements. This left the producers of the television commercial with a unique challenge, where they had to find a way to pay tribute to 60 years of Toyota in South Africa by honouring incredible South Africans.


View the television commercial here.


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