Volkswagen SA reveals the most popular optional extras

Optional extras chosen by Volkswagen customers offer interesting insights into the priorities of SA motorists

Reuben Van Niekerk
Volkswagen SA
Polo GTI

Volkswagen SA has revealed that the tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof is by far the most popular option chosen by their customers.


Of the 55 737 Volkswagens sold on the first 10 months of 2021, the majority were fitted with a tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, making it the most popular optional extra across the model range.


This option is extremely popular on Polo GTI and Golf GTI models, with 90 percent of those models fitted with this optional feature. The panoramic sunroof is a standard feature on Golf R and Touareg models.


The panoramic sunroof was also the most selected optional feature in the Tiguan model range. In the outgoing Caddy model range, only a fixed sunroof was available and it was the most popular option on that model too.


The T-Cross and T-Roc model ranges are the exception to this trend with Park Assist in conjunction with the rear view camera being the most popular option on those models.


In the Touareg the Advanced Safety Package, which consists of Lane Assist and Side Assist with Night Vision and a Head-up display, was the option box ticked most often.


The utilitarian nature of the Volkswagen Amarok meant that the heavy-duty suspension and tow bar were the most popular options.


Bigger is better when it comes to wheels

Wheel offerings in the Volkswagen range start from 14-inch on the Polo Vivo up to 21-inch Suzuka alloys on the Touareg. The 15-inch Estrada alloy wheel is the most common on the Polo Vivo, while the 16-inch Torsby alloy is the most popular on the Polo.


The 17-inch Manilla alloy, offered in conjunction with the R-Line is the best selling on the T-Cross and the 18-inch Montego the most popular on the T-Roc. The 20-inch and 21-inch Suzuka alloys in dark graphite were the best selling on the Tiguan and Touareg respectively. On the Amarok, the 19-inch Milford alloys were the most selected while the 17-inch Woodstock alloys were chosen most often amongst Kombi buyers and the 17-inch Aracaju alloys the most popular amongst Caravelle and California buyers.


Safety a priority for premium customers

The Volkswagen model range offers a variety of class leading driver assistance systems. The Advanced Safety Package was the best-selling driver assistance system with 80% of Touareg buyers ticking that box.


In the Kombi range Trailer Manoeuvring Assist proved to be the most popular while its sized dictated that Park Assist with rear view camera was the most popular option amongst Crafter customers.


Style important to SUV buyers

The exterior Black Style Package which was first introduced in the Tiguan and Touareg in 2019, have proven to be an extremely popular option, with 47% and 30% of all Touaregs and Tiguans sold in South Africa fitted with this package.


The Black Style package was recently added to the available options for the Golf GTI and Polo Vivo derivatives.


White the most popular colour

A total of 41 exterior colours are offered across the Volkswagen range, however Pure White remains the best selling colour.


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