Toyota Aygo 1.0 X-Play

Funky and fun little budget Toyota!

Charl Wilken
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2019 Toyota Aygo


Model: 2019 Toyota Aygo 1.0 X-Play (5-door)

Pre-Owned Price: R 159 900

Mileage: 35 084km

Warranty: Remainder of 3-year/100 000km

Fuel Consumption (combined): 4.3-litres/100km

0-100km/h: 13.8 seconds

Contact:  Dale Peterson from Motus Select Zambezi at (012) 492 5195


Funky and fun little budget Toyota!


Desirability is most certainly a key part of the Toyota Aygo’s strategy. With it’s modern styling and funky interior it is an entry level vehicle that especially the younger generation could easily fall in love with. When we talk fun to drive, the Aygo scores good marks too, especially considering its budget buy status. But the Aygo is not only about fun and styling as it has also proven itself to be one of the most economical entry level vehicles by finishing the 2019 WesBank Fuel Economy Tour as the most fuel- efficient petrol vehicle overall.


Background and condition of vehicle:

  • Overall this Toyota Aygo was in a tip-top condition.
  • The interior was just about still as good as new with no scratches or imperfections noticed at all.
  • Likewise the exterior was perfect except for a scratched left front wheel cover which can easily be replaced at little cost.
  • Our Aygo on test also came equipped with four new 165/65R14 tyres.


Performance and Economy:

  • Under the hood you will find a 1-litre 3-cylinder 12-valve engine with variable valve timing that produces 53kW and 93Nm of torque.
  • Although the three-cylinder engine has been utilized in all previous Aygo models, the latest version has received several updates to improve overall performance and it’s already frugal fuel economy even further.
  • Given the engine’s small capacity a 0-100km/h sprint time of 13.8 seconds is respectable and compares well with most of it’s 1-litre competitors.
  • In-gear flexibility proved decent too, although as expected the little Aygo needs to be worked hard to get the best out of it.
  • Most importantly the Aygo is probably one of the most fuel-efficient budget vehicle’s on the market, already proven by it’s results on the 2019 Wesbank Fuel Economy Tour.
  • The quoted manufacturer figure is an impressive 4.3-litres per 100km.


How does it drive?

  • The slightly stiffer platform of the latest Aygo ensures that it now turns more accurately with better overall response from steering inputs.
  • It rides pretty well too, with decent bump absorption for a vehicle in it’s class. Compared to some of it’s rivals the Volkswagen Up and I10 does however offer slightly better composure and ride refinement.
  • Overall the time behind the wheel of the Aygo certainly proved a fun experience aided by the slick shifting five speed gearbox and light power steering.
  • It’s small dimensions and light steering actions also ensure that parking in the smallest of spaces is sheer child’s play for the Aygo.
  • Like many of it’s competitors the engine can become quite audible at high engine speeds, but luckily the little 3-cylinder engine sounds lovely.


Inside the vehicle:

  • Inside the Aygo you will find a very modern and funky designed cabin.
  • I especially liked the instrument panel, infotainment system and the sporty designed seats.
  • Unfortunately like we have seen with many of these budget vehicles the plastics trim has remained hard in the latest version of the Aygo and does detract somewhat from an otherwise very attractive little cabin.
  • Good news is that the molded plastics are hard but not rough and at least seems durable.
  • As a small little city car the Aygo probably offers the most safety features at this price, while it also comes fitted with a fair amount of standard features at the price too.


Standard features included the following:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Front and side airbags
  • Central Locking
  • ABS braking with EBD                             
  • Electric windows
  • Stability control
  • Infotainment system with screen - USB and Aux connections
  • Multi-function steering wheel - 12V power socket
  • Leather trimmed steering wheel - Bluetooth phone connectivity 
  • Isofix rear seats               


Space and Practicality:

  • Although the Aygo actually felt very spacious in the front of the cabin, rear legroom is limited, especially with the front seats in the most rearward position.
  • Boot space is not too generous either, with a mere 168-litres of space on offer. The rear seats do however fold flat if you should require more loading space.



  • Without a doubt the Toyota Aygo is a fun little city commuter offering exceptionally frugal fuel economy at the same time.
  • The overall design inside and out is modern and attractive, ensuring the Aygo is a city commuter with real character.
  • Unfortunately, it does come at a price as the Aygo is fairly expensive compared to other similar offerings on the market.
  • This said the Aygo is one of the safest little city commuters in it’s class and you do get the added benefit of Toyota reliability and service back up for the extra cash you have to cough up.
  • Super economical
  • Fun to drive
  • Modern and attractive styling
  • Good safety features at the price


Fairly expensive compared to other similar offerings