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Does this car feel right?

What to look our for when test driving

Whether it’s a new or used car you’re looking to buy, simply checking it out on the showroom floor may not be enough to properly gauge its performance and fit. Once you’ve narrowed down your shortlist, we recommend taking each potential buy for a test drive to experience the car in action. Remember, your car is going to be your trusty steed for the next three to five years or more, so it helps to be prepared and know what you’re looking for even before you arrive for your test drive.

My Test Drive Checklist

Did I remember to set up my test drive appointment to ensure the car is ready when I get to the dealership?
Did I bring along my driver’s licence?
Any noticeable damages, dents or scratches on the body of the car?
All doors are in working condition
Engine and battery appear clean and in good condition under the bonnet
Does the windscreen have any significant cracks or chips
Are the wheels in good condition?
Is the tyre tread in good condition?
Fuel cap is present and seals correctly
Antenna present and in good condition
Is there a spare wheel?
When starting the car, do I hear any undesirable noises?
Ignition starts easily and car idles smoothly
Are all the exterior lights in working condition with equal brightness?
Are all the interior lights in working condition with equal brightness?
Am I able to easily adjust the driver’s seat and steering wheel?
All seatbelts are operational
Am I able to easily adjust the side mirrors?
Do all electronics work as they should?
Indicators, hooter, radio, windows and windscreen wipers work as they should
Is the car comfortable to drive?
Does it handle well on different types of road?
Is the engine quiet and smooth?
Are there any rattles coming from the suspension?
Brakes work properly during normal and hard braking
Are all the gears easy to find and engage?
When driving, does the car veer significantly towards a one side?
Parking brake is operational
Ask about the car’s service history
Ask about the warranty and service plan expiration dates

Be in the know: All our used car inspections are compiled into an online vehicle condition sheet so that you know as much about your selected car as we do.