Abarth 595 and 695 

Just to show how limited Abarth cars are, only 2000 595 Scorpioneoro models were produced in 2000 and 1390 695 XSR Yamaha Limited Edition models were produced in 2021.


The 595 Scorpioneoro is instantly recognisable on the road with its sophisticated black styling with gold trim, carried through from the bodywork to the wheels.

In keeping with recent Abarth history, the manufacturer has partnered with other brands to bring a driving fanatic's dream to life, seen in the 595 Monster Energy Yamaha. The collaboration with the energy drink made this car all exhilaration and adrenaline. 

Abarth 695

The 695 has also come in a number of variants—let's have a quick look at two of them.

  • 70° Anniversario: You don't need to speak Italian to understand this one. In 2019, the brand released its 70th anniversary car, limiting its numbers to 1949, which is the year in which the brand started.
  • XSR Yamaha Limited Edition: Yamaha and Abarth have solidified a partnership in a few models, such as with this 695 edition. Fans love it because of its unique Akrapovic Exhaust and carbon finishes.

These road cars are made for the sophisticated and upper end of the market pricing range and come with the specs and features to justify their high price basis.

Abarth 595 and 695 Specs and Features

The 595 and 695 are distinguished by their engines, with the 595 bearing a 165HP MT and the 695 a 180HP MT & AT engine. Both come with an in-line, 4-cylinder, 1.4ℓ Turbo T-Jet engine, giving new meaning to the concept of sports cars. 

Benefits of Buying an Abarth in South Africa

When you buy a new Abarth vehicle, you're getting more than just driving pleasure; you're welcomed into an entire community through the Scorpionship—Abarth's exclusive owner's club, with members all over the globe. Find the Abarth for you in a vehicle listing on our site and enjoy an upgraded browsing experience.

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