Fiat 500

Through the decades, the Fiat 500 has grown in innovation while still maintaining its iconic look. It comes in a couple popular variants, such as the Fiat 500C. Designed to look like a road-racer's dream, the 500C Sport has a range of sporty features, including the matte grey dashboard, 7" TFT instrument cluster, 7" HD Touchscreen, and 16" alloy wheels.

Fiat 500 Specs and Features

On the Fiat 500 Cabrio variants, you can choose from black, red, grey, or beige for the fold-down capote. In the interior, all models come standard with navigation and function control on the steering wheel.

There are numerous optional extras available, depending on the model. In the Fiat 500 Cult, you can opt for a Techno Blue Matte dashboard and enjoy ultra-comfortable seats with a 'Fiat'-monogrammed design.

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